Christian beauty pageant is open to all sizes only restricted to un-dedicated persons, as Christian beauty pageant is a beauty and grace platform. it’s a search for young men/ women with admirable character and dedication to give life to their world.
In the world today there are over 5million people that haven’t been reached with the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ. FOLLOWING MUST BE ATTACHED ON THE WEBSITE UPLOAD OF PHOTO CHURCH COUNTRY CITY RESIDENCE PHONE NUMBER/ ALTERNATIVE CONTACT EMAIL PAYMENT RECEIPT NUMBER Ify: a feedback notification should be set for every successful entry. Also worthy of note is ensuring the security of people’s data)

There are no Restrictions to these following persons:-

  • Sizes
  • Age(17-29ages)
  • Visual/ Height
  • Disabilities (Only On Special Approval With Approval Letter Not Based On Pity But On Capability Studies- And Hope for Improvement Views)

NB: All Contestants Must Send their Approval Letter From A Leader Or Church..