Christian Beauty pageant Africa will operate via Three Kind of Audition system to be able to cover a wider reach around the 54countries in Africa. We intent to give platforms to everyone interested without the barriers of Location, space and Time. Registered Contestants must participant in neither of the Audition platform for entry into the next stage. Audition is open to French and English speakers only.

This following auditions system will be applied,

      On-site- in locations where our workforce can reach
      Electronic- internet Live screening on our available.
    1. Cyber disruption should be avoided, if any occurs there should be a repeat
      Video presentations(those in rural areas without the internet)
    1. All prospective contestant for video presentation Audition but take note of a clear and 80%loud media work.
    2. Avoid noisy background work as it may disqualify you for an entry
    3. Video presentation is open to both French and English speakers only.
    4. Video should be uploaded on at list 2of our Social Media Platform where your friends and Family can participant.
    5. Videos begins 1st of August and Ends 2rd of September 2018. Contestants going through this process are advised to post without the first 15 days in august to help boost votes, and should daily alert for voters.
    6. Nigerians in Nigeria shouldn’t participant via video auditions without permissions


Audition Dress-Code
The Dress code for the Auditions through the different platform is the same PATTERN:-

Alternative outfit
If it is not- it should be a blackup and blackdown on an ankara scarf/ rose/ fascinator to spice outfit up. Contestants should be able to Play with an Ankara work in their outfitas they are not restricted by any means. But you must see what you shouldn’t wear as your cultural outfits and other not to wear outfit may disqualify you for the competition.

What you shouldn’t wear:-
  • Leggie
  • Cultural outfit(such a particular cultural attire from head to toe)
  • Singlet’s/ vests..